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I was born to conquer

Not sit here and be proper.

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Birthdate:Jul 13
Canon OC from Team Fortress 2. All praise goes to the glorious Gaben. Ask for my name. In her late 20's. Contact friendly, don't bite. Want to crit me on how much I suck? Use my HMD post and not an anon post in whatever wank community is the new hotness because I don't read stuff there. It's not real crit to me if not brought to my attention on my HMD, period. IP logging is off.

You can poke me for whatever reason you want, I love to RP just about anything.

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Adopted from squiby

Interests (29):

animals, bacon, being cute, burn scars are cute?, but then who was spy!?, can i be in the comic more?, eating, failing at hiding my identity, fire, fire fire fire, food, food again, girly shit, hiding my true identity, hudda hudda, i almost got caught in the actual canon, i hope engineer sempai notices me, im from 1968 and what is this?, japanese is different from chinese scout, jell-o, lots of bacon, more eating, more food, no im a dude srsly, not being aware of any updates in-game since 2011, that pyro is a woman, the wonderful world of engrish, what's all this talk about hats? i don't even--, why do i even attract people?

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